For as little as $125 you can send a child to school for an entire school year ! Costs increase for secondary and high schoolers...

There is no free schooling in Belize and kids whose parents cannot afford to send them to school simply don't go.

Your donation can mean the world to a child and his/her family. 

We work with the local school and book store to make sure that 100% of your donation goes directly to enrollment and supplies !


If you've ever thought about serving as an intern this may be your place! We have had several interns stay and serve with us and have been so thankful for their time and commitment. Interns are needed for tutoring, preschool activities, Bible stories, helping with visiting teams and we could really use an intern with a desire to serve with Special Olympics ! Please contact us if you feel you may be interested in serving as an intern !


The local schools are only given so much money for supplies and it never seems to be enough !

If you'd like to make a donation to the local schools in the Belmopan area we will make certain that your money is spent only on necessary supplies.

I thank you on behalf of the teachers and administration for considering giving to this need.


You've heard the saying, "Membership has it's priviledges." Well, so does corporate support !

If you're interested in supporting on a monthly or annual basis please contact us to see what perks await!

An example would be a discounted rate for a corporate sponsor bringing teams down.

Of course we know that seeing the good works done through your generosity is usually reward enough, we feel it's good policy to reciprocate the love !


I wasn't always humble enough to admit that we can't do this on our own. We can't. I know God called everyone to serve in different ways. Some go, some send, some pray and some support financially. We appreciate all !

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